Decât Chase tenia câine Decât Chase tenia câine

Decât Chase tenia câine

Descriere fizica: este un caine mic, bine facut, mai mult lung decat inalt. Are un craniu lung si un bot patrat. Ochii sunt mari, decât Chase tenia câine sau caprui, si nasul negru. Are urechi lasate lungi si late, iar coada scurta este purtata ridicata. Blana scurta si aspra poate avea orice culoare specifica pentru copoi. Temperament: este un caine prietenos, dar in Este sociabil si se intelege bine cu copiii si cu alte animale atata timp cat a fost bine socializat.

Va urmari cat poate de mult un miros. Nivel de activitate: moderat. Cel mai bun stapan: cainii din aceasta rasa se descurca bine cu o familie activa si sunt adaptabili la orice conditii de trai, fie in mediu urban, fie rural. Nevoi speciale: curte ingradita, lesa, so dresaj. Posibile probleme de sanatate: palatoschizis, raie, nanism, epilepsie, probleme oftalmo hipotiroidism, afectiuni ale discurilor intervertebrale, luxatii ale patelelor, afectiuni ale aparatului reproducator.

ORIGIN : Great Britain. UTILIZATION : Scent Hound. He is still used in packs, very often organised by institutions, including colleges and schools. A bustling, eager little dog, full of enthusiasm decât Chase tenia câine vigour, ever ready for any activity which involves him. Everything about the breed gives the impression of decât Chase tenia câine and there is no better sight decât Chase tenia câine a Beagle pack in full pursuit, their heads down decât Chase tenia câine the scent, their sterns up in rigid decât Chase tenia câine as they concentrate on the chase.

During the reigns of King Henry VIII and Queen Elizabeth I there were wirehaired Beagles, some of which were small enough to be carried injecție de viermi pentru porci the pocket of a hunting jacket. GENERAL APPEARANCE : A sturdy, compactly-built hound, conveying the impression of quality without coarseness. IMPORTANT PROPORTIONS: Length of head, between occiput and tip of nose, divided by stop, as equally as possible.

Height to elbow about half height at withers. BEHAVIOUR AND TEMPERAMENT : Here merry hound whose essential function is to hunt, primarily hare, by following a scent.

Bold, with great activity, stamina and determination. Alert, intelligent and of even temperament. Amiable and alert, showing no aggression or timidity. HEAD Fair length, powerful without being coarse, finer in the bitch, free from frown and wrinkle.

CRANIAL REGION : Skull : Slightly domed, moderately wide, with slight peak. Stop Well defined, dividing length, between occiput and мог în cazul în care un copil are viermi temperatura poate fi взял of nose, as equally as possible.

FACIAL REGION : Nose : Broad, preferably black, but less pigmentation permissible in lighter decât Chase tenia câine hounds. Muzzle decât Chase tenia câine Not snipy. Lips : Reasonably well flewed. Eyes : Dark brown or hazel, fairly large, not deep set or prominent set well apart with mild appealing expression. Ears : Long, with rounded tip, reaching nearly to end of nose when drawn out.

Set on low, fine in texture and hanging gracefully close to cheeks. NECK : Sufficiently long to enable hound to come down easily to scent, slightly arched and showing little dewlap.

BODY : Short in the couplings, but well balanced. Topline : Straight and level. Chest : Let down to below elbow. Ribs well sprung and extending well back. Underline and belly: Without excessive tuck-up. TAIL : Sturdy, moderately long. Set on high, carried gaily but not curled over back or inclined forward from root.

Well covered with hair, especially on underside. LIMBS FOREQUARTERS : Shoulder : Well laid back, not loaded. Elbow : Firm, turning neither in decât Chase tenia câine out. Forearm : Forelegs straight and upright well under the hound, good substance and round in bone, not tapering off to feet.

Metacarpus Pastern : Short. Forefeet : Tight and firm. Well knuckled up and strongly padded. HINDQUARTERS : Thigh : Muscular. Stifle Knee : Well bent. Hock joint: Firm, well let down and parallel to each other. Hind feet : Tight and firm. Stride free, long reaching in front and straight without high action; hind legs showing drive.

Should not move close behind nor paddle nor plait in front. COAT Hair : Short, dense and weatherproof. Colour : Tricolour black, tan and white ; blue, white and tan; badger pied; hare pied; lemon pied; lemon and white; red and white; tan and white; black and white; all white.

With the exception of all white, all the above mentioned colours can be found as mottle. Decât Chase tenia câine other colours are permissible. Tip of stern white. FAULTS : Any departure from the foregoing points should be considered a fault and the seriousness with which the fault should be regarded should be in exact proportion to its degree and its effect upon the health and welfare of the dog and on its ability to perform its traditional work.

The latest amendments are in bold characters. Vand Beagle - Anunturi caini de rasa de vanzare. Caini de rasa de vanzare.

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Grand Basset griffon Petit Basset griffon vendeen. CARACTERISTICILE RASELOR DE VANATOARE. Epagneul bleu decât Chase tenia câine Picardie.

Pointing Griffon cu par sarmos. Rase de vanatoare pe apa. Caine de decât Chase tenia câine porthugez. Cainele de apa spaniol. Old Danish Bird Dog.

Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever. Rase de companie si talie decât Chase tenia câine. CARACTERISTICILE RASELOR DE COMPANIE Decât Chase tenia câine DE TALIE MICA.

CARACTERISTICILE RASELOR DE OGARI. Sloughi - Ogar arab. Totul despre cainele tau. Genetica si dezvoltarea cainilor. Cainii in religie si folclor. Cainii in cultura, filme, literatura, etc. Cainele - Rural, suburban sau urban.

Un caine nou in familie. Alte animale in casa. Copilul vrea un caine - ce trebuie sa stii. Alergiile umane, frigul si cainii. Jucarii sigure si periculoase. Lista de cumparaturi pentru cainele cel decât Chase tenia câine. Sufrageria, camera de zi, camera familiei. In sfarsit acasa - Puii. Medicul Veterinar si vaccinarile. Bolile infectioase si vaccinarea. Cainele in psihoterapia copilului si al depresivului. Calamitatile naturale in viata unui caine.

Cand nu sunteti acasa. Cainele, in timp ce ne mutam. Ce sa faceti in cazul in care sunteti muscati. Unii caini tot pot deveni agresivi. Legi legate de zgomot. Animalele de decât Chase tenia câine si cainii. Legi privind cruzimea fata de animale. Legarea in lant si priponirea. Legi care privesc muscaturile. Legile privind adunarea fecalelor. Actul pentru persoanele cu dizabilitati. Legi pentru cainii utilitari.

Actul pentru bunastarea animalelor. Legi pentru liniile aeriene. Istoria bunastarii si salvarea cainiilor. Programe decât Chase tenia câine salvare al cainiilor. Adaposturile din ziua de azi. Comportamentul cainiilor - Solutii practice. Calatoriile alaturi de un caine. Precautii in timpul calatoriilor. Legi privind carantina si calatoriile. Sfaturi pentru calatoriile cu automobilul. Cazarea alaturi de un caine.

Cum sa comunici cu cainele tau. Comunicarea la cateii tineri. Primele lectii la cateii mici. Socializarea si abilitatile sociale. Legaturile dintre membrii haitei. Marcarea si semnificatia mirosului. Stabilirea unor bune relatii. Prima intalnire, adulmecatul si salutul, perioada de calduri. Cum se exprima cainii. Cum isi folosesc cainii ochii si auzul. Cum va vorbesc cainii. Cum va vorbesc cainii - Cersitul. De ce fura cainii alimente.

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Decât Chase tenia câine

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